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Dance Classes for Kids

Dance Classes for Kids

Here at Zest Dance, we are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible.

We take children from age 2.5 for our independent Little Lemons Pre-School Dance classes.

If you are interested in parent and toddler classes, check out Zest Dance Tots.

From the age of 4, children are able to progress into our mini classes, where they can choose from a variety of styles.

We currently offer dance classes for kids in Ballet, Tap, Theatre Craft and Jazz, Street, Acro and Musical Theatre.

Children are offered the opportunity to take part in examinations with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and performances including our bi-annual show.

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Little Lemons Pre School Dance

This class is an introduction to dance for children between the ages of 2.5 - 4 years old.

The children are able to explore movement through fun and creative means whilst building relationships with others and developing social skills.

This class combines the fundamentals of ballet with pop dance, gymnastics and creative exercises to build fun and varied classes for your Little Lemons!

This is an independent class where children participate without the aid of their grown ups. If you are looking for a parent and toddler style class, check out Zest Dance Tots.

pre school dance classpre school dance class
Childrens Ballet Classchild doing ballet

Ballet Classes for Kids

Ballet is the basis of all dance styles and develops a child's coordination, flexibility, stamina, posture and balance as well as their creativity.

Within our ballet classes, we focus on the IDTA syllabus, whilst also bringing variety with free work and creative and performance elements.

Ballet is a fantastic foundation for all other genres that we offer at Zest Dance.

Street Dance Classes for Kids

Our street dance classes bring together lots of different dance styles whilst enabling children to dance to some of their favourite songs.

They are sure to come away with some moves to teach the family!

This class builds confidence and self-esteem through encouraging freestyle/improvisation and developing the student’s individual style.
zest dance street classzest dance street class
My daughter loves her dance lessons with Miss Frankie every Monday. She is a great teacher and her classes are really fun and engaging and has really helped bring my little one out of her shell.
My 7 year old daughter loves her dance classes with Frankie. She is very shy, and Frankie always looks after her. She is improving in confidence now partly because of her dancing with Zest. I would recommend them to anyone!
We highly recommend Zest dance school. My daughter (aged 6) has been part of Street Dance for about 6 months now and loves every minute. Miss Ciara is so patient and kind and the children love her and her teaching.
tap shoeschildren tap class

Tap Dance Classes for Kids

Tap dance is an incredible skill for a dancer.

This class develops a student's rhythm, stamina and musicality in a fun environment where they are actively encouraged to make lots of noise!

By working through the IDTA Tap grades and medals, students quickly progress in their strength and coordination whilst gaining a whole vocabulary of tap steps.

Jazz and Theatre Craft Classes for Kids

This class is all about performing dance within musicals and exploring different styles of dance in Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Cabaret and Jazz.

We work on a combination of the IDTA Theatre Craft syllabus and the IDTA Contemporary Modern Jazz syllabus in the class.

In addition, the children will also learn technique exercises including kicks, turns and leaps as well as a range of different jazz routines to their favourite musical songs.

They'll be box stepping with jazz hands all the way home!
zest dance jazz classzest dance child class
child acro matzest dance child acro

Acro Classes for Kids

Acro is a style of dance that combines classical techniques with acrobatic elements. While all dance is physical, this form is particularly athletic and has unique choreography due to its use of acrobatics in a dance environment.

Your child will develop their balance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and tumbling skills!

Within these classes we work on developing the ability to perform seamless acro dance sequences, where the tumbling and skill elements are linked with dance elements.

Our teachers are Acrobatic Arts certified and IDTA trained and therefore we work on a combination of the 2 syllabi in addition to free work.

We focus on developing the strength, flexibility and progressions necessary to build up to performing skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Musical Theatre Classes for Kids

Our Musical Theatre classes are about bringing together singing, acting and dancing to create a ‘triple threat’ performance! The students will learn vocal exercises, improvisation techniques, acting through song, how to multitask on stage, breathing techniques, movement and so much more.

The students will work through the group Musical Theatre exams with the IDTA as well as performing short excerpts from musicals in our whole school productions.

As well as developing all of the skills above, your child will develop their confidence, presentation skills and build self-esteem.
Zest Dance Childrenmusical theatre classes for kids


Our main focus during our classes is the fun and enjoyment elements!

We support each new child attending the class to make sure they're having a great time and enjoying dance as much as we did at their age.
Children are able to attend our classes independently from age 2 and a half however our parent and tot style classes start from 18 months.
We run classes throughout most of the year and run through half terms.

We do however have 2 weeks off for Christmas, 2 weeks off for Easter and 6 weeks off in the summer. 

During these holidays, there are often opportunities for dance camps and workshops!
Yes. We currently have:

 One way systems in all of our venues.
Sanitising hands upon arrival and exit and during class if necessary. 
Staff PPE where necessary.
Strict studio capacities.
Cleaning procedures of the studio and equipment in between bubbles.
Our classes transfer online via zoom.

We will continue to progress towards our goals whilst also adding our Zest Dance Disco’s to the timetable each half term for all of the children to enjoy and see their friends!
Of course! We have lots of boys attend our wide variety of classes.
We offer the opportunity for students to participate in IDTA exams in a wide variety of genres.

We also produce shows every 2-3 years at a local theatre or performing arts venue.

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